Citizens’ Voice: Together.Stronger

Macro-regional strategies (MRS) have become attractive and promising areas of EU policy-making. It started with the Baltic Sea Region in 2009 followed by the Danube Region in 2011; the two most recent ones cover the Adriatic and Ionian (2014) and the Alpine (2016) Regions. 

Regardless of their degree of maturity Strategies face common challenges and have the potential to provide a new cooperation dimension to the 2020 Strategy and beyond. Involvement of various stakeholders including civil society actors is a must in the successful implementation of MRS.

Hungary holds the Presidency of the EUSDR this year and Budapest hosts its flagship event, the 6th Annual Forum in 18-19 October 2017.

The primary purpose of our “Citizens’ Voice: Together. Stronger.” event is to contribute to the successful preparation and holding of the 6th Annual Forum of EUSDR by specific means of civil society putting the whole pocess into a broader perspective with participants from all the 4 macro-regions. An other special feature of our event is its coincidence with the Hungarian Presidency of the Visegrad Group.

Participants of the 6th Annual Forum of the EUSDR will be informed about the outcomes of our international meeting.

The event is hosted by the European House, a Hungarian civil society organisation assisted by the the National Federation of Hungarian Civil Society Organisations (TESZ), the Danubiana Network and supported by the Hungarian Presidency of the EUSDR, the Municipality of Budapest and the International Visegrad Fund.

The programme of the event

Conclusions of the event

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