Flowing in the Danube

The ‘Flowing in the Danube – Communicating the hidden potential of the region’ project is the initiative of the Danubiana Network supported by the European Union.

It runs between January – December 2022 and as a communication project using non-conventional methods intends to

  • highlight why regional cooperation is important;
  • underline the usefulness and necessity of EU support (Cohesion Fund) for the less developed regions.

In our project we use the Danube with its bridges, boats and ports as a symbol of interconnectedness and togetherness: our Danube Journeys start in Ulm (DE) and Krems (AT). These two countries are important net contributors to the EU budget. We take citizens’ messages from Ulm and Krems to eight Danube cities of five massive Cohesion Fund recipient countries: Komarno (SK), Komárom (HU), Mohács (HU), Vukovar (HR), Calafat (RO), Vidin (BG), Giurgiu (RO) and Ruse (BG).

It is important that we meet local residents not in closed ‘official’ venues, instead, we visit them in their natural environment. We set up our mobile installation (the Flower Power arrangement) in a public place (e.g. pedestrian street, park, local market, festival) to engage in a dialogue with them, collect their opinions and learn how Europe is present in their daily life.

Our programmes have a genuinely European dimension with innovative character and address basically the ‘non-usual’ suspects. Visited local citizens living in remote places realise that they are also part and creators of a new Europe in a hopefully post-COVID-19 situation. With our assistance they will have a better understanding how the European Union functions and how the Cohesion Fund is used in a responsible manner to reduce disparities among European regions.

Join us and learn more about the EU Cohesion policy and its impact on the regions of Europe!

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