Danube Journeys

11 June 2022
Beautiful day in Budapest by the promenade along the Danube. We had a well-attended info stand with attractive flower arrangements and discussed questions on EU cohesion policy. Education is a clear winner of our water ballot. We continue our Danube Journey with 7 stop-overs. See you in Ulm in July!

6-7 July 2022
Ulm at the International Danube Festival. Many tax-payers visited our info stand where we discussed the importance of EU cohesion fund and cooperation in the Danube region. Among the priorities to be supported thre locals favoured climate change and environment protection. An active pro-European atmosphere prevailed. Next stop: Krems, AT.

9 July
Krems, AT, more than 500 kms from Ulm in the direction of the Black Sea. The info stand was set up in the heart of the local popular Apricot Festival. Discussing topics such as regional development or the relevance of the EU cohesion fund is a challenge when Marillen Frizzante is our competitor. Still the Danube has a significant role in the life of local citizens. Next stop Giurgiu, RO.

16 July
Giurgiu, Romania. Best programme on Sunday: running an info stand in the popular Alei Park. Main concerns of local citizens are cleaning the Danube river, putting the city on the touristic map of Romania and Europe and using the river as a tool for regional development. Special thanks to our friends at the local municipality and the local volunteers who assisted us. Next stop: Ruse, Bulgaria on the other side of the river.

18 July
Windy but sunny day in Ruse, Bulgaria just across the Friendship Bridge from Giurgiu. Good discussions in the recently renovated city centre thanks to EU cohesion funds. We continued the exchange of views with young people on a boat trip on the Danube.

22-23 July
Vidin. “We need educated and committed politicians”. One of the opinions expressed in the centre of the very busy Saturday morning market in Vidin (BG). The region really needs more investments to create more jobs. The EU-supported Vidin-Calafat Bridge over the Danube should bring new possibilities for the region as well.

24 July
We crossed the Vidin-Calafat Danube Bridge. A concrete example of EU support in the region. We set up our info stand at the Sunday market in Calafat. Many friendly people and genuine interest. Health was ranked as top priority in our water ballot. Next stop Drobeta Turnu-Severin.

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